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If you happen to work, or play, in a job that requires repetitive motions, you may be at risk for one of the world's most common injuries; repetitive stress injuries. While these injuries can be difficult and painful, they are treatable. Mr Quentin Howarth uses entirely natural strategies to help reduce pain and inflammation from these injuries, ensuring that your injury doesn't stop you from enjoying your daily activities.

Mr Howarth treats repetitive strain injuries

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Using a range of natural treatments that are considered natural/alternative medicine, Mr Howarth will ensure that your body is treated to exercises, stretches and massage. The goal of these services is to make you feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to get back on your feet. Discover how Mr Howarth can help you with back and neck pain, ante and post natal osteopathy, and even sports injuries. If you are experiencing pain now, contact us.

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