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Mr Quentin Howarth in West Cumbria knows all about muscle injury treatment. When your back is hurting, or you've injured yourself, visit his muscle injury treatment clinic to get back on the way to health. With years of experience in muscle injury treatment, Mr Howarth is West Cumbria's choice for osteopathic services. Quentin Howarth uses a variety of natural and alternative medicine approaches to muscle injury care. He focuses strongly on exercises, stretches and massage. This is a much gentler approach and is less invasive than surgery or strong medications.

Muscle Injury Treatment in West Cumbria

Muscle injury treatment for every situation

Whether you need post natal or ante natal care, or you have injured yourself playing your favourite sports game, the clinic can help you to recover quickly and fully. Mr Howarth serves all of the West Cumbria and Cleator Moor areas. To view more information about Mr Howarth's services, including our post and ante natal care, sports injury care, repetitive strain care, and back and neck pain, please click the links included within this text.

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Muscle Injury Treatment

in West Cumbria

by Mr Quentin Howarth